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Unrequited love

Updated: Sep 7, 2021

I scrolled through my glass eyes Looking for someone like you in disguise, But this loneliness isn't going to die 'Cause I want you by my side, I want this story to be without filters But this story is full of fake glitters, I don't want this BUT to be here 'Cause I want you to be with me everywhere, Now that we don't talk, we don't gloat This solitude is growing over me like a trote, And when I go back to that single second When we had talked And Yes!  It's the best memory in my brain And it's locked, We had danced, talked and laughed And then it wasn't the same and I was gawked, It's true that we haven't talked for years But whenever I cry, you're one of the reasons why, I pretend everything is fine But now nothing is falling into line, I want to go back to that day's core But I am afraid to be overthrown, I don't know if THAT day for you was a litter But whenever I think of it It makes me better

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