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About us

We all have an opinion about practically anything and everything in this big fat world. We have amazing ideas that come to our heads while we’re sitting on our couch--we want to break the monotony by not becoming engineers or doctors, we dare to speak of taboos that couldn’t be named even in the olden times, we have innovative ideas that no one could ever think of in their wildest dreams.

You come into this dynamic world with a fresh mind and a new perspective. Humans were created to create. Playing an instrument or sketching a bird aren't the only ways to be an artist.

The Red Megaphone believes that everyone has the power to create. It is the primary form of communication and expression. We give you a steady place for all that you say. What started as a writing blog that allowed you to get your writings published has now widened its umbrellas to incorporate all artists. 

We grow artists
We connect artists
We know artists

Let your creativity flow. Set free the thinker in you today.
All via The Red Megaphone.

meet Parishka Gupta
Founder, Chief editor

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Parishka Gupta, a final year Journalism Hons. student at Delhi University is the founder of The Red Megaphone. Initially an amateur lifestyle journalist with travel, food and culture as her home niches, she had short stints with media houses like Travelxp, Outlook Traveller and The New Indian Express.

"Give me a laptop and an internet connection and I shall move the world"

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