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The Red Megaphone is now hiring interns! We are looking for people who want a taste of working in a dynamic blog. If you think you have the balls to be a part of this dynamic blog, then fill the form below and catch our eye.

The best part? After interning with us for three months, if we think you're our type, you can be a part of the core team!

Why work for TRM?

The Red Megaphone is offering you a chance to work on a professional level, which we believe, can add to your credits. Apart from that, you get to learn the skill of coordinating and working in time crunches. 

Being a part of something bigger than the self adds to your personality. It makes you more adaptable and spontaneous, which are crucial skills that will be of great help when you work in other organizations in the future. Working with like-minded people sharpens your skills as an artist as a result of multiple brainstorming sessions. You'll get to work in and out of your comfort zones. Help other writers get published. You'll be challenged with the unexpected. And boy does that excite an artist. And as a reward, you get an official TRM Work Certificate and Letter 0f Recommendation signed by our very own Editor In Chief, bound to add a shine to your CV!

It wouldn't be the best idea to apply here if you are already working for another organization.

We're looking for:
Content Interns:

We want writers who love a challenge, and who are ready to learn from others. We want writers that are more like pirates. If you want to apply as a content writer, you must learn to laugh in the face of crises. You must know the importance of deadlines. Fear them like you fear dear old dad.

Your chances of being selected would be higher if you are 14 years or above.

Poets are also welcome into the writer's troop. It doesn't matter what kind of writer you are if you are committed, driven and full of fresh ideas.

Loyalty and commitment are what we want.

Profile description:

  • Write exclusive monthly pieces for our Die Originale section

  • Write content for social media posts

  • Write captions for all social media posts.

  • Be an ambassador of The Red Megaphone and encourage all writers in your vicinity to #OpenYourMindOut

We may conduct a few task-based tests to judge your skills, so be ready for that!​

Graphic Design Interns:

We want designers who can work flexibly. You should be able to executive abstract ideas given to you by our crazy team. You must understand the themes and aesthetics we go for. Most importantly, you must be aware of the concept of the blog. Your comprehension of language and different shades of words must be strong enough to make images and posters out of it.

Profile description:

  • Design social media posts

  • Make short videos related to monthly issues, etc.

  • Help out with website designs

We mostly work and collaborate on Canva, and we expect candidates to know how to work on it.

Social Media/PR Manager:

This is a paid position!

If you can plan, implement, manage and monitor the organization's Social Media strategy to increase brand awareness, improve marketing efforts and increase site traffic. You must have an understanding of how SEO and social media work. Your time management and people skills must be well-polished. We need you to fall in love with our brand

Profile description:
  • Develop a structured social media strategy
  • Increase online presence
  • Stay up to date with the latest social media best practices and technologies
  • Monitor SEO and user engagement and suggest content optimization.
  • Cultivate relationships with influential writing blogs, journals, reviews and magazines
You also get:

1. Letter of Recommendation and certificate after three months of active work
2. Random rant sessions
3. Team building exercises
4. Awards and recognitions

5. A subscription to Spotify Premium!

Note: This is currently a non-profitable organization. We cannot pay you right now, but will hopefully be able to do so in the future.

Also, if you're already working for another organization, please do inform us beforehand.

Drop your queries regarding joining and suggestions at

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