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What do we

All you need to know before joining.

You can write about absolutely anything. It can be of any topic and of any word limit. You can give diary entries, letters, articles, movie/book reviews, poems, short stories etc. We want to feel the impact of your thoughts. Make us feel what you feel. Go ahead, make us sit up in our chairs.

Your work can be related to fiction, non-fiction, poetry, politics, science fiction, philosophy, crazy encounters, travel, food, experiences, taboos, realities of life and so on.

All entries will be accepted in .docx or .pdf form. If you wish to add photos to your work, attach them in the file itself.

Every month, only 10 pieces will be published. If you have submitted your writing just a day or two before publishing day and don't see it, no worries. You will definitely see it in the upcoming issues if it has been selected!

Write away, Voices!


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