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I wish you had apologised earlier

I cleaned myself

I cleaned the house

I cleaned my heart

And my mind as well.

I missed my lectures

I missed meeting my friends

I missed the calls from my home

And didn't eat my chocolates as well.

You gave me flowers

You gave me joy

You held my hand

And led me through the dark streets.

I felt happy like I had never before.

I felt loved like it was the first time.

But, why did you assume when I called you home?

Why did you touch me, even when I said no?

Why did you grope me, when we could have just held hands?

Why was sex necessary, when we could be laid down in each other's embrace?

I wish you had confronted me earlier.

I wish you had apologised earlier.

Because you who had shown me stars one day,

Pushed me into absolute darkness the other night.

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