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Love is Love

Updated: Sep 12, 2021

The human heart, among other things, is an outlet of abundance. A bottomless reservoir of infinite, unfailing love. At least that is how it was designed to be 一generous and unrestrained and free.

It brims with the divine potion that is wholly capable of relieving the world of its seemingly unconquerable suffering, the most potent healer of all. The arbitrary ways of the world remain unknown to it, and the compassion it overflows with knows no bounds. Inscribed on the pages of history are intricately woven accounts of how love has been tussling with the shackles of hatred, oppression & justice since time immemorial, and sooner or later, has emerged victorious. Its legacy is indomitable, its wonders unmatched.

Across the spectra of labels and identities it soars, carefree and untamed; for in all its forms and manifestations 一 in all its powerful glory 一 love is love, is love.

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