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Influence of movies on youth

Updated: May 6, 2021

Over the years, films and movies have got huge craze and have attracted many people, from kids to senior citizens. Everyone has a favorite actor or actress and, yes, we even try to imitate their style, behavior, looks and the trends they set and follow. But I strongly believe that all films don't do good to society. Few films distract the minds of the youth and eventually, few are addicted to illegal activities like smuggling, robbery, drugs, smoking, etc.

Most of the movies we watch on-screen run on crime, violence and love that entertain the youngsters. Directors and production houses of films also show interest in such activities and shoot such meaningless films in low budget and earn more. On a serious note, I would say that not all films are good as such movies change the mindset of youth. So releasing such meaningless and unusual movies should be strictly prohibited. Movies should be made in a good way which would bring new glory to the society. Youth is an asset to this 21st-century society but today their mind is distracted towards negative actions in films.

But there are also some interesting and message-oriented films that youngsters should watch and be inspired from. But they say do all such films get such craze as if the commercial film gets…and so now it’s our turn to revolutionize and bring a drastic change in the movie industry.

Be the change that you want to see in the world

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