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All I am asking for is a fair share

I come out in the world to see men everywhere,

They carry a suitcase and go for work,

climbing a merry stair.

Adorned with ornaments outside, with the inside lying bare.

It's just that, all I am asking for is a fair share.

I wrap my organs inside the veil,

Cuz they are not for the world to steal,

I am a woman people say,

not just this I am treated unequal, as they cross my way.

Trapped inside the bondages of family, children and patriarchal say,

Some duties they don't want me to bear

All I am asking for is a fair share.

From a daughter to a wife to a mother,

Is this the small limit of roles that I am meant to play?

Why can I not drive, or is it that in these petty shells I am deemed to survive?

I am the better half, doesn't seem like it, The male earns

And on that my life is destined to thrive.

I wear those weak slippers, men wear strong shoes,

I think it is the foundation of the society that has forced me to this way brood.

A woman has transitions, men have progress.

Stop confining me this way,

I cannot develop in duress,

I am an individual first, and then labeled as they say,

I know no one can decide my boundaries, and how I am required to carve my way.

I don't like the odious household work of a kitchen,

But still I have no choice.

I heard we live in equality,

Perhaps, just heard,

but could never put forth my voice.

Let me ask questions and come forward to give a test,

I can assure you, that your decision to undermine my growth was bigoted at best.

I know my physicality has some limits,

And my heart a softer side,

All I am asking for is a fair share, 

to carve a world equal, with thoughts as wide!

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