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Updated: Sep 7, 2021

In this era of everyone going digital, our online privacy for sure is getting compromised on several fronts. Just to get a bit more freedom on the net and to troll literally every user on Yahoo Chat, Quora and the YouTube comment section, I thought of changing my Google username, so that I could prevent such a compromise.

That should've been the case, I change my username, and then I go around trolling! Yay!

But what kicked in here was my stupid ass, the "five-year-old me" instincts, and coupled with the infinite amount of time I have sworn to devote my smartphone, I decided to change my birthdate.

So, "for experimentation", I tried to setting my age to 300 years.

In this case, I must say Google lacks the basic etiquettes that one should have while in a conversation.

It outrightly declared it invalid with no due apology for having to reject my age! There was no sense of respect! What could you expect from an American service, anyways.

A bit furious and depressed from my rejection, I embarked on my quest of revenge: I set my age to 4 years.

Now, I must say, I was warned. The message I got back was:

Are you sure you are 4 years old?

I, being the innocent, dumb person I am, clicked the "Yes" button.

And then I get this nightmarish, horrendous, cursed message:

Your account has been blocked for being under 13 years of age.

Since then, I am in a desperate attempt to recover my account. And, God, I don't know how long this process will prove to be! After spending a lot of time with Technical Support, Google has already demanded my verifiable Government ID. As if God knows what the hell of a problem would break out if a guy under the age of 13 made an account!!

I can't even make another account so easily, as I had all my data backed up on Google Drive, and I don't even remember the number of people I had given this ID to.

What I can only do now is pray, and I hope you to0 do so, my friend, for the sake of my beloved Google Account.

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Mehul Arora
Mehul Arora
07 dic 2019

@18sanskar Man you never fail to entertain!

Me gusta
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