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Teenage desires

Every person experiences a bunch of emotions in different stages of life. It's an eyes wide shut fact that teenagers develop subtle fantasies involving people of the opposite sex. These are the instances where the mind experiences fluctuations in thoughts. Sometimes we lose control over our emotions. I am sure that every single person reading this must have undergone teenage attraction. This attraction that wears a mask of superficial love ruins the beautiful careers of youngsters. Teenage love is just infatuation and lust as a result of active hormones. According to reports mental development in teens is truncated. Teens lack social skills, morals, thinking ability and judgement.

The feeling of the first crush is just foolish. We can't decide the qualities of a person just by the external look. I would say that our mind is matured when it gains the potential to see the beauty of souls. We must be dedicated, passionate about our aims, especially during our teenage. Unfortunately due to the influence of movies, hormonal anxiety students focus on relationships rather than academics. Teenage love is just like burning flames. It combusts the golden future of youth. But middle age love is like coal. It's simple and pretty.

"If you don't rule your mind it rules you"

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