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Harry Potter world

Updated: Sep 7, 2021

Ever wondered about what would it like to be in a magical world? Well, J. K. Rowling has given us a glimpse of it and no-one can get over it. I was just a child when my mother had let me watch Harry Potter movies though at that time I could neither understand nor remember it, but now that I have read the books I just get lost in that world and it has made me love literature. Harry Potter is a classic tale which is specifically not only for children but all age groups.

It starts with Harry Potter being an orphan, living with his erratic relatives. Doing all household work and being not aware of his magical powers. It is on his eleventh birthday when he gets to know about his true identity and then he is being sent to the wizarding world and school of 'Hogwarts' where he makes friends with Ron and Hermione Granger not knowing that their friendship would last forever.

He gets familiar with Dumbledore, his eternal enemy Draco and also gets to know about his specialty of being 'Harry Potter' and to eventually kill 'the one who must not be named'. Harry Potter series has it all, it is a whirlwind and a roller-coaster ride to all mysteries, secrets, adventures and idea of living in a magical world. Harry Potter remains my favorite novel of all time.

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