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Roots of Kindness says Hi!

Updated: Sep 12, 2021

Our organization, Roots of Kindness blossomed at the threshold of our two founders, Arundati and Anuraag, who forwarded their idea of doing something charitable to the rest of society. This was done with the help of various volunteers and organizations who were willing to take a stand and contribute alongside us.

The main motive of our organization is to provide for the masses, help out smaller organizations that care for the less privileged, and most importantly, embed the significance of “giving back to our planet” in ROK’s work culture, and societies mindsets. Started as a thought back in May 2019, creating this organization at a large scale seemed almost impossible to implement, however our experience at the ‘Happy Old Age Home Organization’ was a breakthrough in helping us carry this dream forward, and go beyond our comfort zones. It was then we realized what a great impact a small doing could make for the larger good. Among these bustling cities, and constrained work schedules, little did we know that taking time to make an impact on someone’s life would give us an opportunity to spread love, and experience an unusual sense of warmth in doing so. We truly realized that love does have no barriers. This is also in line with our service to nature, while we give back to her what she’s always given us; Protection.

The phrase “we find ourselves when we lose ourselves in the service of others” is what ROK stands for, while we hope to remain as an authentic and ethical organization in the services we provide. This being said, our organization hopes to tackle every obstacle that comes our way, while looking at every milestone as an opportunity to grow and convey our message of do your part.
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