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Backseat drivers and parallaxes

Do we ever wonder how life takes its course with the passage of time? Not as in the obvious daily events that we witness or experience personally consciously or subconsciously, directly or indirectly; but the factors co-acting mainly causes such events to unfold, and arise as a consequence as a ‘pre’ or ‘post’ effect. They could recur continuously or at intervals. They are latent or intangible, yet they are the main actors in the field that cast

their roles in the live set of every individual, and we often fail to recognise them.

For instance, we take an example of a movie. What we see on screen is just the final product after the completion of the screenplay, direction, production, and shooting. What we perceive are the protagonists and the cast that plays different roles and the environment of the scenes, enjoying the story. The off-screen crew members ‘infect’ those who deserve due

credit, the production and the direction team, the stylists, the scriptwriters, and the video production team. The latent elements that act and play roles behind the curtain, allow the process to be constructed and executed, synthesising all active units and components that consequently lead to thoughts and actions being materialised.

We tend to get lost within the little space inside our heads of the conspicuous thoughts that interests us. We can still all alone by a corner sipping on our usual favourite cup of coffee or tea, or stargazing, or maybe we wonder, how we witnessed something that triggered us to ponder into something beautiful…

I catch the crescent’s sight

War amongst thoughts self-summoned

Flooded with suppositions of fictitious realities

Cocooned within a euphoric realm;

Of a parallel universe

The moon becomes the earth

The earth, the moon

All similar but each not the same

The blue sphere, the Illuminator

To the yellow orb, the tide’s orchestrator

Armstrong initiates visits to the satellite

Yet, its factual means remain arcane;

Of myths and fables told

Preferred by all.

To manifest in ecstatic fantasies”

For these are contradictory propositions self-conceived;

Pies in the sky synthesised for fantasy’s sake.

Of significance immeasurable

But these could be metaphorical

That which have been side-shadowed;

That which could summon senses

One after the another

Conception of links to webs

Pre-existing or derived in its process

Of certainty in ambiguity

Of consciousness in oblivion

Of odds among evens

Of endings leading to new beginnings

Or maybe the otherwise

Such are parallaxes that excite life to me.

Of the natural flow that follows

That which follows the universal flux

That which follows the unity of opposites

We walk on tightropes of parallels

That which could go either way

But never the both;

A close dichotomy that polarises,

An inevitable uncertainty,

All relative to time,

Of perspective variations peculiar to each individual

Creating delusional interpretations

That which could transfigure into accurate precision;

Synching with the natural rhythmic configuration

That which assumed to be of diminutive significance

Taking form in itself as the crux of it all

Largely advancing the natural course

From the inception of time

Known to none

With another lap of the hour hand,

I look forward to these parallaxes of life.

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