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You are an artist

Updated: Sep 8, 2021

To every single person out there, you are an artist.

Because, what you do is inspirational. Your strength, hard work and ambition is outstanding. You don’t know it, but I am assuring you that you create art and it's magical. Now, don’t confuse yourself with art of graphics or designs. By art, I mean the task that you love to do — the art of matching your steps to the beats of a song, the art of connecting with words, the art of kissing the tunes, the art of possessing the speed and accuracy or the art of critical thinking. If you are doing what you love and feel no guilt about it, then trust me, you are an artist. And everyone out there needs it.

We all need to start sharing and give importance to each other’s incredible work. It is important. Your piece of art is unique. Don’t stop creating more of it. Make the magic happen.

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