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unfinished words

I am just an observer wandering through these trails I get misled often reasoning about them

A thousand mysteries they hold A thousand questions I ask A thousand answers they give

Be it a teenage mind or an old one, all and sundry pass through them.

"They are the crossroads of life", the wise men said, "they impel

our life".

I have witnessed some, lurking behind them. Some courageous, some mysterious, some dumb

Witnessing them revives old memories of my own A bewildered gal, scared of what the

the unknown path brings.

Don't know which one to solve first or what trial to follow

I heard a voice in my head say

"Don't sit on the fence and think twice, just follow the one that seems right and Remember the

the night might be full of terrors but

it will end as the sun rises" It said "Don't take decision's reasoning the nights that you might

regret taking when the sun rises."

Sometimes there are moments I want to hold on to and

sometimes I feel like dying What if this, what if that, it's all so wild.

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