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Updated: Sep 12, 2021

Ever had the thought that you'd ever leave your traces, Even when your feet stop taking, on earth, its paces?

Well, I think and believe that we can never cease to exist, Cause there's a part of you in everything you've known, your soul will persist.

There's a part of you in the songs you've heard today, And in the few lines of that novel you just read away.

There's a part of you in the places you've adored, And in the pages you've scribbled nonsense, when bored.

There's a part of you in the mugs of coffee

that saved your way, And in the bed that you love to sleep on, at the end of the day.

There's a part of you in the happy times you've cherished, And in the achievement and goals you've accomplished.

There's a part of you in the wrongs and mistakes you've done, And in the events of griefs and regrets, from which you want to run.

There's a part of you in the people you've met or will probably meet, It might be from a memory of a beautiful encounter or a moment of heat.

There's a part of you in the arguments you've had,

And in the hugs you've given to people, when their days were bad.

There's a part of you in every one of your fights and in every helps you've lent, Even after you're gone, people will remember every moment, with you they'd spent.

We all are made up of parts and bits of

someone or something. That is what connects us all. The closer, us all, it brings.

So, if you ever feel that you're lost and can't find yourself, Remember that a part of you is in someone or in something else.

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