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Thoughts and their Journey

Updated: Jun 14, 2021

Thoughts liberate through different experiences. Different types of experiences may include people, families, school life, places and probably the most lurid ones are the end products of a long journey which is a meager part of traveling. Traveling includes visiting places, blending oneself into different cultures, adventures and jibing into something new. All these are the inputs of a single thought. Traveling also sends back a big bag of memories. Connecting these beautiful memories with a string of patience produces thoughts. One long journey is enough to give you wistful chunks of the past later on. One might regret not taking that only chance of snorkeling; one might also regret that only chance of singing on the streets before a live audience. These thoughts keep getting collected in our minds and come out all of a sudden later in life. They might be in the form of words, music or tears. They can probably change one’s life.

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