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Updated: Sep 12, 2021

How do you define darkness? At first, you imagine all pessimistic emotions like loneliness, breaking down. But realise how comforting it is to those who aren’t accepted by us, the ‘good-hearted’, ‘better than others’ kind people!  

What is night to you? Darkness all around, yeah ? So what do you get of nyctophilia? The love for night! Maybe you get it correct! Maybe you don't ! 

What do you think now of nyctophilia? Darkness? All black? Sorry to disappoint you! All dark isn’t bad! Hindu mythology claims Shri Krishna to be a dark complexion entity but a heart so enlightening! And it also claims Ravana to be a mind so enlightened but all deeds so destructive! 

Getting back to the crux of our discussion here. What is darkness to you? For rich people , it is losing their treasure. For the farmers, it is a bad harvest. And for the students, it is failing. 

First of all, realise that darkness isn't just something we see as a shade. It is something we all feel one day or the other. There are millions of people today who are suffering. They all feel lonely. That is darkness. And indeed harmful! 

We all need some alone time to know who we are, what we feel. And when we distance ourselves for that, it is the tint of darkness we need! But when it comes to us, unwanted, it just does harm. Destroying you, destroying others ! 

Realise that just like a rose everything isn't about beauty, but it is also about thorns . Similarly, life isn't everything about smiles , cheering and ecstasy, but it is also about falling (yet rising), crying (yet smiling).

The sun empowers the moon and therefore, light empowers the dark. So if you are getting a lot of success , be prepared to set back for some time and stand up to come up with a new ‘you’ just like the sun overshadows the moon and comes up with a new day.

To all the people reading this , if you think this helped you somewhere then smile and  keep doing good! Sending you virtual hugs so that you know that there is always someone to curb your darkness and that is you, yourself. So before you get my hug, hug yourself and cherish the beauty you are.


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