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The Curse of the Silent

Updated: Sep 12, 2021

The hero, Admetus, is condemned to death by the Fates. But thanks to Apollo’s negotiating, he is offered a loophole—Admetus can escape death if he can persuade someone else to die for him. He asks his mother and father to die in his place, and they refuse in no uncertain terms. Alcestis is made of stronger stuff—she steps forward and volunteers to die for her husband. Perhaps she doesn’t expect Admetus to accept her offer—but he does, and Alcestis dies and departs for Hades. Heracles seizes Alcestis from Hades and brings her triumphantly back to the land of the living. Admetus is moved to tears by the reunion with his wife. Alcestis’s emotions are harder to read—she remains silent. She doesn’t speak.~

-Alcestis - Euripedes

“You’re dead to me”

They say when you aren’t what you want them to be

“You’re dead to me”

They’ve killed you over and over again

“I wish you’d have died instead of being this way”

They stab you with sharpened words

And like that, you’re silent.

Not in words, in presence

In persona and in aura

You, the reality of you

Is silence

Because you’ve been condemned

For being who you are

Choosing your own life

Loving the way you want to love

Identifying the way you want to

Doing the things you want to do

But they. They have sentenced you

Sentenced the person they don’t need

The You they didn’t imagine a future for

They sentence you to die

And you die

Again and again and again

Because you loved and you trusted

the ones you called family

killed you, condemned you

and wished for your death

You’re silent in opinion

You’re silent in strength

Silence isn’t the gold you need

It’s the curse you’ve been inflicted with

It’s what speaks loudest

When betrayal flows through your veins

Like blood with thorns infused in it

And hurt with a fire burning

And just like Alcestis,

You live

In silence

Because the dead do not talk.

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