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PUBG : Player Unknown's Battlegrounds or Player Unknown's Bane ?

Updated: Sep 7, 2021

This topic is not a newer one to discuss, rather it is way "controversial". There have been many arguments on what effects does it have on the youth, but still, we need to discuss about this online trend in detail.

For those who do not use the Internet, even in a while or so, (which I know none of you would be...) PUBG is a Battle Royale online game (available for iOs, Android, PCs, Xbox, Playstation). Now, PUBG is revolutionizing the whole gaming experience (especially for phones) way faster than we thought, which is creating disturbances in society.

Though it is not a big deal if you play a single or two Matches a day which last for 20-25 minutes each, the main point which we need to be concerned about is its addiction! It has been proved that PUBG is the most addictive thing other than drugs among the youth.

Being a PUBG player myself for more than two months, I know how it feels when you just get into the game. PUBG can be easily correlated with a Bog in a Tropical Rainforest (because they are more marshy...). Once you get to the Lobby of this game, you can't resist playing lesser than 5 Matches (Data based on my Gameplay :-) )!!

But, let's take a balanced look at its effects. Some of us might be shocked upon hearing that PUBG does actually have some Pros too!


  1. Improves one's ability to clearly distinguish between different shades of grey.

  2. Improvement of reflex muscles of thumb and fingers.

  3. Increases our multitasking caliber.

That's pretty much of the Pros.

Now, here comes the list of Cons!


  1. A Great Time Killer !!

  2. Risk of being killed if you stopped anyone close to you from playing PUBG :-P (BTW there was such an incident)

  3. Getting removed from the Friends' List if you did the same as above. (*applicable to both Facebook and Instagram).

  4. Increasing stress level at such tender age (10 to 14 years old) even when they have the entire 11th and 12th grade to be stressed about IIT JEE and NEET. :-P

And above all, they feel like if they are the real soldiers!

Tik Tokers: behave as if they were real actors!
PUBG Players: behave as if they were real soldiers!

On a serious note, there have been some disastrous incidents.

1. A 15-year-old stabbed his brother for not letting him play PUBG.

2. A 16-year-old boy died of a cardiac arrest because he had played PUBG for straight 6 hours

3. A 21-year-old killed his father for stopping him from playing PUBG.

So, let's jump on to the Question: PUBG - Player Unknown's Battlegrounds or Player

Unknown's Bane? According to me, it is a bane. It might have not been called bane if this game wasn't that addictive and would not have caused such kind of Disturbances.

At last, concluding this blog post, I would suggest finding another game or not playing any if you can resist.

*Well, a new game has been launched - Call Of Duty for Mobile users. You may check that

out if you want a similar game to play and which is also not much addictive as compared to

PUBG (due to Graphics Comparison and other such stuff...).

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