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My Opinion on budget 2020

Updated: Sep 12, 2021

There is no single day when we don’t express our opinions regarding the country’s economy or the actions of our government or regarding taxes-a common problem in a layman’s life. 1 st February is such a date that awaits everyone-the date when the annual budget is presented by the govt.

The day, filled with aspirations, hopes and desires of so many people of the country.

This year everyone’s expectations from Modi govt. were quite high. Our economy is enduring severe growth slowdown. Therefore, people were expecting the BUDGET 2020 to act as a panacea for the Indian Economy.

In my opinion, the presented Budget clearly reflected the efforts of the NDA govt. The budget emphasized not only at a broad level but also on certain specific aspects that could actually lead to alleviation of entrenched problems of the country. The govt. has taken into account some of the crucial factors like following the route of directly paying to the farmers, or improving on health

besides making sure that infrastructure related to health, hospitals etc. are created at the block level. Moreover, FM, smt. Nirmala Sitharaman clearly stated that the Union Budget has laid the foundation for increasing consumption and building assets such ass in infrastructure to lead towards building a $5 trillion economy. It is highly appreciable that the govt has at least considered these important facets.

Without a doubt, no action of govt. comes exempted from the criticism of the public. Neglecting so many positives, people might highlight a few negatives. For instance, the govt has allocated Rs. 61500 crores for MGNREGA scheme, which is lower than last year’s revised estimates of Rs. 71002 crores by 13.4 per cent.

The fact remains that every coin has two sides. Similarly, everything has both positives and negatives. It depends on our mindset how do we look at various things.

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