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Lost Childhood

A child born in the typical high society,

Is there anything I can’t have?

No, I can have it all you’d say,

But money can’t buy me the love I crave.

You bought me toys and x-box and dresses,

But all I ever desired was a minute of family,

And not to recall when I needed your blessings,

All I could see was you to flee, sadly.

My eyes that searched you on every sports day,

Were wet when I saw others in the crowd cheering,

Father, did you never realize, I wished for you to see me play,

And win the medals, graced by your clapping.

Not to forget how many outings we’ve missed,

And every time you could use one single excuse,

It is great pleasure isn’t it, to see me pissed,

Leaving me broken and waiting is what you choose.

Don’t you care to look into my eyes,

That painfully request you to look back,

Or am I really foolish to forgive your despise,

And expecting you to love me and come back.

When the doctor first said, you’ll not make it,

I thought he spoke about the Lego we weren’t able to build,

How would I have known it was your life getting unlit,

Leaving me alone and the incomplete Lego guild.

Where are you? I think I questioned god almost every second,

He just never answered,

And that moment I took your lifeless hand in my hand,

They told me to let go, that you were tired.

Who will be there when I become a bride, or a mother or ever fail,

I often wonder sitting beside the doll you gifted,

And foolish I was to not get my answers in faces weeping and pale,

When on four shoulders you were lifted.

You’ll be back soon, they said,

Hah, I laugh today I didn’t see the lie,

And I stood there still, unaware and dejected,

Waving you goodbye.

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