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It's Red

The only colour I want to bleed is red

For that is what I see

When I feel

That squishy sensation,

That sudden dread

Because that is what is inside me.

It was Red that gave me frantic qualms

When I carried it to school for the first time

My mousy pride popped by false alarms

Of staining my white skirt all the time.

That red is the trouble I intend to avoid

In that tiny cubbyhole of an office restroom

My ansty self fearful of being left unemployed

When I left presentations unfinished and sallied out of the conference room.

Oh God forbid! That time when the elevators jammed

And my bolshy abdomen was bloody cramped

Those countless stairs I had to climb around

Yet my apartment was nowhere to be found

But those rare times, I begged

For the red

To kindly knock on my doors and show up


Because yeah I was

Drunk in a bar tipsy and flirty

Swaying to the song

With a bottle of Bacardi

The dim red lighting

With him smiling right there

He moved, I moved and

We ended up somewhere..

Else. Hang on! He was pretty good

I don't remember his name for sure

But don't want a bequest I am not ready for

So, Hello sire! Here, yes! Just hear me out once

It was me you see who was bleeding all this while

So the next time, you know just for future reference

Remember that it's red, not blue! Please don't defile

My memories, bittersweet as they are

For they are mine and hence, I decide

That it's red, as that is what it has been so far

And that's what should be shown with pride.

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