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How pornography has reduced the beauty of the human body

Human body, an intriguing creation. A natural artistic expression. It indeed is the most sacred creation in the world. The naked body has its own beauty of elegance and dignified courage. For centuries, the human figure has appeared in art which showed its exquisite, alluring and ravishing attributes. It is the most real thing that every human possess. Isn’t it magical that when the bodies of two souls that are in love with each other combine, it connects the souls of the two people? It is also the reason of recreation of another soul. Sometimes things like that leave me speechless. But why is it so hard and shameful to discuss this topic? Why people find it difficult to talk about the most natural thing in this world? Who and what can we blame this for? Our hypocritical societal perception? What made us think about things like that?

As the technology got better, the artistry of human body reduced to pornography. The human body has been exploited and has become an object for lust and sexual gratification. It promotes promiscuity and depicts obscenity with the effect of violence and harassment against women. It also abuses sex, nakedness, compassionate love and all the pure sensations of our minds. As Lorde writes, “the erotic has often been misnamed by men and used against women…made into the confused, the trivial, the. psychotic, the plasticized sensation.” The true meaning of love has been destroyed by the idea of obscenity sex. The human body isn’t an object for lust but a soul with compassionate caring and unconditional love. Promiscuity kills the human dignity with a dirty mindset about the other sex.

Prostitution and adultery has been some of impacts seen after the daily watching of porn by the people. Men are actually raised in super-toxic, hyper-masculine environment which actually put a lot of pressure on them to watch pornography. Men too face a lot of problems like sexual violence, relationships with their partners, erectile dysfunction and also they get raped too and these topics need to be discussed with proper focus. Pornography has way more scary effects than just reducing the beauty of human body into a soulless object but people whose minds have been brainwashed don’t know and thus becomes more inhuman day by day. Difference between the art and aesthetics of a naked human body and sexualized body is no more found. People have reduced sculptures and paintings into a “thing” for their own obscenity in their fantasies and hyper-sexualization of anything naked in general is being done and basically the way porn-industry has manipulated us, we have kind of allowed them to do so. As Schlenzka said, “It’s not pornographic because it’s not meant to be arousing, but there’s a pornographic element in how it’s explicit. Also what you’re left with is a sense of estrangement, not a sense of estrangement, not a sense

of connectedness. It’s never about warmth or emotional proximity”. The worst part is porn also shows male dominance over female by showing sexual violence and harassment in their videos which is the big reason for the sexualization of female’s body even when they are fully dressed and also the increase in the number of cases of the rape culture, the sexual abuse of children and many more. How can we bring an end to it? How can we go back to time where nakedness was considered to be instinctive?

The first thing we can do is discontinue watching porn because when we watch something, we are actually unknowingly demanding for more content like it. And if we do that, we are simply promoting the rape culture, the smuggling of humans for this black market and way more absurd things. Pornography is doing nothing else than exploiting genitals of male and women and dehumanizing sex which then takes it a very ugly form. Beautification of human body and normalizing about these topics is very crucial. Beauty is not just about the exterior but also about our views on a particular subject which is supposed to be authentic and real.

The human genitals should be viewed as sacred, real and exquisite symbols and shouldn’t be used for rape and promiscuity. Poets like Audrey Lorde, Andrea Dworkin, Susan Brownmiller, Adrienne Rich and many more feminists fought against pornography. Human body is made for worshiping in the purest form not for objectification and sexual gratification. A change is in order for a better world, our better world.

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