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How much do you love, love?

They say, true love is beyond limits. Breaking all barriers, it stays forever. I, however, am all about doubts and questions, galore.

How far ahead would you go into love? What if, the love we love destroys us? What if, trying to protect the one we love, being by their side, leaves us all alone? What kind of love would that be? And yes, it is love, because by definition, love makes us do crazy stuff – there hasn’t been any bar set for the level of craziness yet.

Now one might say, you fall in love with the right person aka the Mr. Right. But, how do you

define the nature of right? How much right is right for you? What may be right for me might not be right for somebody else, right? So, how do I go about deciding who to fall in love with while keeping my rules/priorities straight?

Another aspect of thinking which love clouds over, is when you realize that you have maybe

chosen a Mr. Wrong and people tell you to move out. However, what happens if I have already fallen in love with my choice and I am too deep into it emotionally, physically and mentally? How do I leave the love without trying to save him, even though I know the odds? I wonder now, why it’s easy to fall in love but harder to fall out of love!

And then comes the thought of regret, would I regret falling in love with the wrong kind? My mind affirms the notion, implying the destruction it caused me while my heart whispers in negation, because it was beautiful for what it was worth. When I would think of him, I would definitely cry, but will that tear drop from the right eye or the left? Love, certainly makes us question so much about the feeling – it’s said that experience is a wise teacher, so I am still waiting to see if I am ready to experience love, knowing very well that it might not turn out to be a good one and yet living it as it is.

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