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How I started coding, and the journey which followed

I was always fascinated by computers.

My first experience with a computer was when I was three years old. My dad would open up his laptop every day, and then work on it for hours. I was intrigued by the strange device, and would sit around him and observe. One day, he decided to let me play a game on it. He taught me with utmost patience. Within a few days, I had learnt to connect the internet, open Google and play games. The Computer Curriculum at school helped me widen my interest, and helped me learn more and more about Computers. I developed a deep interest in it. When I was in class 4, I took part in the LOGO language drawing competition and won the first prize, and that was my first experience with code, even though it was a beginners-level language. From Class 6 to 8, I learnt Q-Basic, HTML, and VB.NET at school. I started learning coding from Hour of Code and Khan Academy.

Coding gave me a unique kind of fun: the fun of solving problems,

working out algorithms and trying to make something new. Whenever I

sit down to code, I am excited. Excited to see what new I’ll be discovering

this day, and what all I would learn. I decided that coding was meant for

me, and that is what I should do.

My first breakthrough was with the Deep Cosmos Navigation System, a VB.NET/ Arduino C project to triangulate space rover positions. It was started by my friend Vinayak Jha. We won the Best Scientific Innovation at the 3rd Shri Hari VMPS Tech Fest. The journey afterwards has been exciting. I started learning a variety of programming languages, including C++, Python, Java and Swift, and developing Android, iOS and Web apps. I started participating in competitions like SOF Let’s Move It, CodeChef Monthly Cook Offs, Google India Code To Learn. Each success motivated me to go to the next level. Coding also encouraged me to explore fields such as Artificial Intelligence, Augmented Reality, and Graphics Design.

I have learnt a lot during this journey, and my computer teachers: Megha Ma’am, Promila Ma’am and Pragya Ma’am, as well as my parents have always supported me.

Computing is everywhere, and it is not going away. Coding is an essential life skill, it has been for several decades and it is becoming more important than ever to use coding to shape our world and our future. I wish to use code to change the world and make it a better place. I am certain that in the future, code will play an irreplaceable role in consumer, defence and governance spheres.

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