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Farewell to Dark Nights?

Updated: Sep 7, 2021

Light Pollution. Doesn't it seem to be an absurd word to deal with? Well, Light Pollution is a new kind of pollution which is increasing at an alarming rate! Due to the revolution in the Light Technology, the introduction of energy-efficient LED lights and Artificial Lighting systems, the situation has gone worse than it should be.

A very strange question raised in my mind. When I was a kid, I used to look up into the sky, gazing at the stars and the serenity darkness would provide, but now what I observe is the decrement in the darkness of night which is also hampering the visibility to look out for stars.

What do studies have to say?

According to the images taken by the Geo-Stationary Satellites operated by NASA, it revealed that about 79 nations worldwide noticed a rapid increase in nighttime brightness. Amongst them, India is on Top 5 on this list. Only 16 countries witnessed a decrease in nighttime brightness where the war had broken out in the period of this study (like Syria) also including war wrecked countries like Yemen.

If we now also lookup in the night sky, we would be missing the pitch-black night sky and this is creating adverse situations for nocturnal creatures to live.

Is it the time we need to Farewell those Dark Nights?

This plight is unaccepted.

Solution : -

1) Avoid glaring lamps whenever possible.

2) More efficient ways to lit up public areas like streets and parks.

3) Use of amber lights over LED white lights.

At last, we need to get back the darkness of the night sky!

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