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Dream India

Updated: Sep 8, 2021

Our country India is renowned for its history, culture, values and, of course, a lot more but now, the respected citizens of our respected nation are disrespecting and degrading everything. But you know? We, the youth of our country, can do wonders to restore its worth, so that our country, our India, becomes the nation that we see in our dreams. So, as it is a dream, there are no boundaries to what we want and what we think our country to be like.

So, Dream India looks more beautiful, beautified with more trees, flowers, mountains, lovely and dense forests with all the possible vegetation and animals that make it prettier than ever. The factories that were destroying nature will be made from the elements of nature itself so that it leads to less environmental pollution and degradation. The economy (not being one of my subject, but) will get better in its numerical values and on the ranking board, we will prove to be a better country with great economical values. The employment and unemployment agenda will get almost resolved. Also, no one's dying because of unemployment, the major cause to poverty. Everybody has a job and are capable of running their households quite well. One of the most amazing fact that I have come across is that the ratio of girls to boys is now equal and they are no longer dominated. Every girl and every boy is getting education so that in the upcoming future they could run the country more efficiently. Education makes you wise, doesn't it? Coming back to reality upsets me. Looking at the current situation makes me feel worse. But all we can do right now is enhance things. We need to work on our own selves to become a better human. And if everyone would try doing it, I am sure we could raise the bar!

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