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Updated: Sep 19, 2020

~Anuraag Varun Shukla

I Sit here thinking about what I feel,

But there is no way to explain it.

There is no way to show it.

I feel empty, hollow, shallow and more.

Is it in my head or am I imagining it so?

I don't have the strength to make it,

It’s so hard, I don’t have the words to explain it.

My heart hurts, my chest throbs and my eyes sob.

I am still clueless why all of this is caused.

I feel so alone, in the dark.

It’s like I lost that spark you all spoke about.

People ask me what you feeling but can I even say.

“Feelings? whats that?”

I sit here telling you a story today, when you have your own story

to care.

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