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TW: Death

Today I saw death sweep past me. I felt a light whoosh.It raised the hair on the nape of my neck. I wasn't expecting him, you know. I thought it would take all my hair to go white before I saw him.

It wasn't me he was here for. It was a young man who stood at a distance. I didn't know him very well. Yet I felt something drop in the pit of my stomach when Death whooshed towards him. I remember waving my arms as I had tried to warn him of what was coming. I yelled at him to run the other. But I never caught his eye. He didn't even know I knew he existed.

Death stood right before him. Tall, dark and inescapable.

"Please. Don't," I said, my breath sucked in and my voice shaky.

Death just shook his large black hood gently and whooshed on, the man under his arm.

He was neither ugly

Nor was he beautiful

He was just there


And there

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