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Updated: Jun 20, 2021

~Eknoor Singh

Class 12 is a turbulent period in every teenager's life - especially in a country like India where college admissions are based on merit instead of the expansive system of applications accepted in colleges abroad. Naturally, I was worried like every other student in my position about whether or not I'll make the cut for the top colleges in my field. At the same time, my laid back attitude stopped me from applying in all the colleges at a student's disposal, as is the normal trend. Instead, I applied for Symbiosis University and University of Delhi.

For someone who was adamant on going as far away from home as possible, my opinion quickly changed when i got admitted into SRCC. While everyone in my family was rejoicing, the inevitable fear of leaving home slowly took my in its clutches. Having been born and brought up in Chandigarh, the City Beautiful, considering a move to Delhi was as scary as it gets.

Fast-forward a couple of months, and I found myself stuck in what was a never ending abyss. Delhi was most certainly taking a toll on me, and for the better part of my first semester, that was obvious to everyone around me. Frowning at literally everything, walking around with a poker face, and not letting go of a single opportunity to curse my fortune, I slowly made my way through it - day by day.

Finding like-minded people is harder than it looks and having given up eventually, I made my peace with our capital city. Delhi is undoubtedly the biggest mess I've ever seen, but here's the catch - it's my mess now, and whether the people of Delhi like it or not, the obnoxious, irritated boy from Chandigarh is here to stay - because of destiny, if not choice.

Fast-forward another couple of months, I've now seen my first live concert, had my phone stolen, and I managed three days here without a phone, and mind you, the three days I was without a phone, might as well have been my best here - Winter School in college, Star Wars Episode IX, and Comic Con Delhi.

We digress, but here's the thing about Delhi, as much as you hate it, it'll make you fall in love. Eventually, if not instantly. While the metro will fascinate me till the last of my days, there's a lot more here than what I had imagined. I'll go ahead and call it messy, but if you find the right people and start doing the right things, it's nothing short of magical.

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