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Crush all my words

Crush all my words

and burn them

in any fire you find blazing.

They're wounds.

Contagious and bleeding.

Make sure no gloop

no black, slimy alphabet remain behind

to claim my late existence.

Let the feathery thing of hopflap all the wings it wants,

let it scream all it wants to stay behind.

Because I've left the hope bleeding now.

I've let the hope

burning down to dead ashes.

Dead, cold ashes of my million cigarettes

smoked down to the extreme butt.

Hate me all you want you hope.

Because that's where I want you now.

In the bloody ashes of my wounds.

Black, muddy and rotting.

I think I've bled enough now.

But these keep on fucking bleeding.

The wounds keep on fucking rotting.

Aches and deaths and diseases.

And cigarette.

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