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Collective Trauma: A Milestone in the Evolution of Human Race

Updated: Sep 12, 2021

The COVID crisis was one that knocked at our doors at a time when the world was

collectively going through a phase which forced us we to rethink the correctness of

our age old traditions, and was somewhat a final nail in the coffin of a world that was

too stubborn to let go of its outdated ideas. Because covid brought with it the

consequences, that were inevitable after all the damage that we put our entire

community through. It made us reconsider our priorities entirely, reminded us that

there is not much time left, that our selfish ways have consequences and will come

back to us. And now, to bear the brunt of our actions, our community has to go

through collective trauma.

Collective trauma means a traumatic psychological effect shared by a group of any

size, and this time the group includes all of humanity. When elderly American and

European generations would sit in the dark to “save power” even when it wasn’t

needed, was due to the collective trauma they faced due to The Great Depression of

1930s. Or when the Indian women of medieval ages kept a vial of poison with them

so they can die instantly because that would be better than being raped by the

invaders, and this kind of mentality continued to this day, even when rape became a

serious punishable offence. This shows that collective trauma has been no stranger

to us, we are all the product of the pain it brings in some way, and how it has been a

milestone in the evolution of the human.

Because if The Great Depression hadn’t happened, the concept of macroeconomics

wouldn’t have emerged, or if the women hadn’t adopted this way to escape rapists,

people wouldn’t have the guts to fight against it, and the feminist movement

wouldn’t have picked up the pace that it did. Let’s not forget the rapid modernisation

of Japan after the Hiroshima-Nagasaki bombings. Whenever life throws something at

us, we have the tendency to become better and evolve into much smarter race, and

this is exactly what COVID is here to do.

It requires us to bring about some behavioural change, one which goes against

whatever we have been taught as the standard human behaviour. Man is called a

social animal, so social distancing seems like an impossible feat! Sure, there is a

theory that a person’s behaviour is based off what they feel is best for their health,

but aren’t their different kinds of health that are at risk because of this? What about

someone who has an issue with their mental health and need to be around people to

feel at peace, or how are people going to deal with minimal physical movement for

such a long time? Obviously, we need something more than just some short term

solutions. Something that just might change the thought process and physical

requirements on a large scale.

There have been global pandemics before, that were much deadlier than this, and

they all have resulted in some major cultural changes. But the difference this time

was that the world leaders and their blind followers were under the illusion that we

had the nature under control. The constant denying of climate was a proof of that.

Our leaders who are supposed to be smarter than us about governance, who were

meant to protect us, were the reason for our helplessness and inability to protect our

world. The pillars of democracy and what it stood for completely shaken. Can the

person chosen by the people really to be trusted? People electing candidates on

pointless basis like religious or racial superiority was already considered problematic,

but we all know how common and prevalent it is.

The point being, that as you sow, so shall you reap. We have been too careless in

making decisions as an entire society. We have been so absorbed in our own trivial

matter to avoid thinking about the great unknown consequence that we all know is

due for us. Not only is this going to force us to think sustainably, this is also going to

make us a compassionate community. Because now we see how this system of

concentration of resources and the extreme classism is destroying the human race,

and we remember which type of ruler really stepped up; someone who’s agenda was

war or someone who’s agenda was peace.

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