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Best friend (an attached emotion)

Updated: Sep 12, 2021

In this world we meet a 1000 people out of which 100 are being associated with our lives and 10 of them are the closest to us on the planet. From these 100, we choose that 1 person to call our BEST FRIEND.

But the word BEST FRIEND has a different meaning to me. It doesn't mean "the one we talk to the most" or "the one  with whom we spend most of our time with". It refers to the one who knows how to accept the flaws you have,who understands the way you are, who loves the way you are expressive towards them,who can handle your mood swings, who supports your life goals, the one who would never give up on you no matter what, who stays by your side in all your bad and rough times. But in today's world, these friendships are kind of hard to be found. The more you love them, the more people are mean to you; the more you care, the more you get hurt. Giving people the tag BEST FRIEND is a 1000 times easier then to play the exact role of a BEST FRIEND in their lives.

We have had some great times, some great fun and the most memorable memories; but I wish we did not have become what we have become. Now I have come to realize that we aren't that close like we used to be.

I believe in networking and socializing with people and genuinely being nice to everyone, but most of all, their are very few people and the very, very close people on whom I can always rely upon, I can trust and love and care for.

The best friend to me can't be a best friend to all. No, they can't. To me, best friend is the person who is the closest to me, to whom I can dedicate my entire life to, to the very few people who are closest to me. But the way I see them close to others makes me feel, am I really close to them anymore? I keep on questioning this to myself over and over again! Is this my insecurity?

But I won't ever express it and can't say because I can't ever afford to lose that person because they still make me feel I'm close to them...even if they aren't feeling the same way towards me or kinda for any other person...this is the main point where we come to realize that they never deserved our feelings.

"Real friendships are rare. If you have it, keep it"

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