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Beauty In The Menace

Starry skies shiny night lights

Darkness around me

Gives me the highs

Sitting in the skywalk

Dreary night

Not scared of the lurking ghosts

Because my thoughts are the ones I have to fight

They say looking at the stars is looking back in time

So when I look at them

I see all the crimes

That haunt me and taunt me in my mind

The things I shouldn’t have said

The people I left

All I am left with is the sickening grief

Anxiety and pain are my only friends

Because misery is the only thing that has no end

The hands that hold mine so that I can believe

It ain't nothing that I feel

Your voice is the one that tells me

All the broken pieces can heal

Your heart that unravels mine

Makes me realise the happiness I couldn’t find

You sit beside me and show me how

Everything is not as bad as I thought

You can only show me the beauty in the menace I see

So when I say you are my happy

I don't mean that you're the only good thing in my life

You are just the one who can help me see the rest of the beauties amongst the chaos of my cries

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