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Automation+AI= -Jobs ?

Updated: May 6, 2021

You might be surprised by the title of this blog post. Yeah, it is an equation which seems to be true soon.

What does it mean and how it is gonna affect the whole world? Give this post a quick reading to know more.

AI and Automation are not new anymore to the present world. Automation has been there in the Industries and its major goal is to 'SAVE LABOUR'. You know what? Businessmen are profiting a lot by this technology to maximise their productivity and sales at a base cost which did not seem possible decades before.

And I don't think you need an introduction to AI. Do you?

From your YouTube Recommendations to the Instagram feed, from Google Assistant to AI robots, all have been made possible by Machine Learning and AI.

Automation with a pinch of AI and a Crisp toast of Innovation has led us, humans, to where we are today.

World-renowned companies are competing with each other in this blind race of AI technology without even considering what are the possible After Effects.

Now, we all must have heard of Facebook shutting down its AI and Robotics project when two robots began speaking in their language which only they could understand.

Let's take the help from the Stats to get a better perception about what and why we are talking.

Statz and Factz

  • It is estimated that about 47% of American jobs are at high risk of automation by the mid-2030s.

  • Between 40 million and 160 million women worldwide may need to transition between occupations by 2030, often into higher-skilled roles.

  • One in five job seekers (one in three for those between the ages of 18 and 22) fear they will one day lose their job to AI.

Now, Is it true that AI is leading the world towards a more unemployed society?

Yeah, it is evident AI in combination with Automation will force the people to shift to a much higher skill-oriented jobs and major job losses would be there, but side by side AI also has a great potential to build up new job opportunities in the market.

I guess I have said a lot of negative points. Get some Positive Vibes:

  • Automation will displace 75 million jobs but generate 133 million new ones worldwide by 2022.

  • AI-related job creation will reach two million net-new jobs in 2025.

But, think of that Facebook Project once again which they had to shut down due to AI getting conscious. If this happens again, then we won't be able to control them and they would eventually overpower upon us.


Another great initiative by Elon Musk whose plan is to merge AI into humans.

  • AIM: To build implants that connect human brains with computer interfaces via AI

  • Mechanism? : Groups of minuscule, flexible electrode "threads" implanted into the human brain by a Neurosurgical Robot. These threads detect and record the electrical signals in the brain, and transmit this information outside the body.

Is it useful to humans: The Idea is to lower down the threat of AI by preventing AI to get self-conscious.


  • AI will replace the jobs of people but will also come up with newer ones.

  • We need to ensure that AI does not get self-conscious which if happened can even lead to the destruction of mankind.

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