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Are Trans Women Real Women?

Updated: Sep 12, 2021

Today let's talk about both feminism and Pride. Let's talk about Trans women. And YES Trans women are real women, stop using “basic biology” and phony science to justify Transphobia.

The transgender community is one of the most diverse yet neglected communities. Trans people come from all walks of life belonging to different religions, caste, races and ethnicity.

Social media and corporate initiatives have created increased awareness of LGBT rights and with increasing awareness larger portion of this generation’s youth are identifying somewhere on the broad Trans spectrum.

While Trans people are increasingly visible in both popular culture and in daily life, they still face severe discrimination, stigma, and systemic inequality.

Lately a movement #transwomenarewomen has gained a lot of momentum where Trans women who have been subjected to any kind of violence or discrimination are opening up. However this is just a small step to a big revolution. A Revolution that incarnates a society where trans women are given equal status, acknowledged and respected for how they identify themselves as individuals and are not dismissed for being different from the gender they were assigned at birth.

But this will take time, presumably a lot of time. Women across the globe have been struggling to fight for their rights, privileges and authority for centuries, till date. Women are expected to live with the constant fear of “Log kya kahenge?" and act accordingly. And often the women who retaliate against the society, patriarchy and misogyny are labeled as rebels and anarchists. They are looked down upon, threatened and silenced.

It took centuries to make society aware of the concept of feminism and strive for equal status and global rights for women and still we have a long way to go, even after centuries!

And from the above reference can only imagine how strenuous and difficult it must be for Trans women to subsist. Trans women are subjected to so many forms of discrimination in almost every aspect of their lives. Despite the increased representation, discrimination against trans individuals are still prevalent.

Why Trans women face stigma?

Trans Misogyny

Often feminity is associated with the female gender and the belief that only the ones assigned female at birth happen to possess it. But in reality, it’s a sexuality trait and one can possess it irrespective of their gender.

Gender panic

Gender panic refers to the threat that many people believe exists when transgender women are allowed to enter women’s-only spaces such as bathrooms. This is presumably because women are more vulnerable to be taken advantage of. But in reality they far more likely to experience sexual assault than commit it.

And based on these Trans women are subjected to mistreatment, harassment, denial in proper healthcare facilities, and refusal to use the preferred name or pronouns. In fact, many women shelters refuse to take in Trans women. Owing to these misconceptions they are often rendered unemployed, homeless, and helpless. And the sad part is the laws don’t do much to protect them.

“Knowledge is power”, it is the power that will help us govern the ignorance. And this should begin from the grassroots. Once the educational institutions become allies to the queer community where students and the youth are made aware and well-educated about the gender spectrum and the irrelevant misogynistic ideas that prevail in the society that needs to be eradicated, there will be no looking back.

Eventually, their knowledge and LGBTQIA+ activism will help to build a community where people with different identities and individualities can co-exist in peace and with acceptance for all.

However, it's easier said than done. It will definitely take time but with constant support, faith, patience, and efforts we can bring about a significant change and make this world a better and safer place for Trans women.

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