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An Understanding Of Suicide

Updated: May 6, 2021

“Nobody wants me here”, “my last ounce of hope is shattered”, “I want to be freed of this suffering”, “everybody hates me”, etc…

Do you think all of these statements lead a person to indulge in the act of self-harm and consequently, that of taking one’s own life? More often than not, they do. When someone is succumbed to the prisons and harrows of the dark, it is hard to see clearly. In simpler words, if you’re in a place where everything around you is falling apart or it seems like there is no meaning to your existence, you can’t make coherence. Life events will lead you to believe that death is the only solution. Is it, or is it not? I’ll take you to both the scenarios, letting you decide.

Now, for instance, if you are in a place where you’re considering taking your life, evidently, everyone would say it’s a bad idea. Although, you would actually think that they can’t understand your point of view, or they don’t know, they’re not in your place. Well, that does make sense; they are not in your place. Apparently, the people who were in your place can’t give you their opinion because, well, they’re dead. That leaves us in a dilemma. So, how about pitching for those people’s opinions who were exactly in your place yet, didn’t do it, or recovered.

“For me, if I give it time, eventually I will not feel like dying and that’s time ----- doing the best you can.” - Gabe
“I’m definitely not ashamed of my past! If I’d never dealt with this stuff, I wouldn’t be the person I am today and I wouldn’t have figured out who I am or the person I want to be.” - Jonathan

These aren’t quotes from well known, famous personalities. These are from common people who have dealt with suicide, been in the darkest of all grounds and emerged out victorious .There will be a link to these helpful stories at the end of the article.

Recent events concerning a successful and talented actor’s death urged me to think about this commonly known and widely spoken about, but hardly understood act of suicide. Sushant Singh Rajput’s death was an unexpected incident that left us shocked. It also made us realize that sometimes you never know what’s actually going on with a person. Success and fame don’t determine a good mental health. People in the worst of living situations still go on to live a happy life, while some people with a thriving career and lifestyle may still fail to cope with adversities. Success means nothing if our mental health isn’t stable.

On SSR’s death, everyone complained that he should’ve fought more. When someone is secluded and blindsided by the dark, entangling negative thoughts leeching him/her to abandon everything, it is very difficult to think logically. To do so, one needs to confront the inner demons feeding off the pain, suppressed grief and vulnerabilities of a person. It is hard to confront one’s griefs and come out of the darkness, but when one does, life feels a million times better. To accept, to be sad and to heal is what helps someone. When one starts to move towards healing, small rays of light shine over and give one hope to keep moving. For that hope can bring about positive changes in life that ever seemed too blurry or distant.

What happened to SSR can happen to anyone. It’s the need of the hour to make people aware about this and encourage them to seek help for their problems. We’re all humans, waking up, trying to make it through the day. But, we’re in this together, so let’s reach out to those dealing with mental issues and make them realize they’re not alone. A simple act of kindness, politeness and support can change someone’s life.

Suicide is not an answer or solution. Reaching out for help, talking to a friend, contacting a therapist, confronting your mental issues is. Maybe not everyone will understand, but, someone will. Someone always does. And if you can’t find someone, it means you haven’t looked strongly enough.

It is a beautiful world. Stay, for the good also exists. Stay, for the some deserted lands still urge for your pensive water. Stay, for you have a lot to give to this world. Stay, for there’s always something to be grateful about. Stay, for you haven’t fulfilled your purpose yet, even if you haven’t even figured it out. Stay, to dissolve in the serenity of a sunset and the rejuvenation of a sunrise.

Stay and rejoice, for you just made it through this day!


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