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An anonymous rant

I don't wanna be this way. Why am I too afraid to step up? Why am I so self conscious? Why do I have to be so nice to everyone when they don't even care? Why do I compare myself to others? Why do I have to care about what others think of me? It's hard for me to live this way. And it's just a reminder to all the people out there. DON'T. BE. ME.

Because once you get used to it…there's no going back. You'll get hurt. You'll be broken. But you won't go back. And it's deadly. With every day, you'll lose yourself. You'll lose a piece of yourself while fixing others. So be selfish. Be mean. Look out for yourself. People will say things, let it be. It'll be good for you. Respect yourself. Because if you don't, no one else will.

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