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Academic Welfare or Health?

The beginning of the year 2021 came as a glimmer of hope for everyone.

Everyone believed that that the new year would permanently delete the novel corona virus but nothing went as anticipated. Nobody expected the tables would turn this way! 2020 was just a trailer!

This year the virus has taken a more deadly turn. There is not a single day when you don’t hear news of people losing their loved ones because of COVID-19.

Now amidst this global pandemic, conducting examination for over 12 lakh students is a good idea or not?

The Indian CBSE 2021 examination has become more than just an examination; perhaps the most controversial topic of the year.

Undoubtedly, class 12 exams are the most crucial ones in a student’s life. They are the key to

admission in one’s dream college and the foundation step towards their future. Skipping them is certainly not a good idea. Putting it in another way: The first step towards a construction of a strong building is laying the bricks properly, but what if I tell you to skip the very foundation of the building while constructing it, will it still be possible to construct it with efficacy? The building could be constructed but its strength will be doubtful.

Similarly, skipping this year’s board exams would seem a good idea in the short run but certainly not in the long run. Wait, this is not a normal year! Not any less than an apocalypse! Is even stepping out of the house any less than a haunted ride these days? And here the matter is about placing hundreds of students together in one room along with

the staff to conduct the examination. It is as if deliberately giving a benign invitation to a deadly virus to take rest inside your bodies!

So, again the problem remains outstanding. What’s the solution then? Class 12 is literally stuck between these two crucial factors-academic welfare or health?

Which one to prioritise?! It is like asking a person to choose between air or water to live! Undoubtedly, such a situation has never occurred before and requires immediate decision. We expect the government to take the best decision in this regard.

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