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A letter to JK Rowling from Draco Malfoy

Whether someone has read the book or watched the movie, it is likely that they viewed me, Draco Malfoy as a bad person might have been true to some extent because I wasn't the best dude with Potter bunch.

No saint, yes but I wasn't the villain or even evil for sure. A bit selfish, arrogant I guess but those traits were nurtured down to me by my evil little father, Mr Lucious Malfoy, who thought himself to be the purebloods, which he was as well but looked down to those filthy mud-bloods. Weren't that bad those guys, he taught me the same that was why I acted like that.

Cut me some slack you guys, I originally wanted to be friends with the Potter boy, which he eventually rudely of course declined. Had warned him to choose the right people for himself. On top of it, that Potter boy jumped to an insane conclusion that I was a death eater, I mean, isn't that insane? Came spying down to my truck, taught him a lesson there. Who would have liked an intruder? And then came the chamber of secrets, that Harry and group mysteriously decided that I was the heir of Slytherin? I mean I was the most destined to it, but heir? Weren't in the right minds, them. Goyle and Crabbe did agree with me there. Forget opening the chamber, I wasn't even involved. I behave in a way my father nurtured me to, but in the end, I wasn't even like him, I wasn't evil too.

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