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Get interviewed!

The Red Megaphone is starting a new section of interviews to explore the uncharted ocean of talent. It's more than just a writing platform.

Now this concept is definitely not by the book since most blogs invite people for an interview.

But we have thrown our doors open to everyone who believes that they're not recognized enough, writers included. Since we're new to the game, we're not very well-acquainted with all the players, which is exactly why you can get interviewed by filling up a form. Let us and our audience get to know you better.

(Psst! Did we mention that we're also keeping an eye out for for new team members? Well, now there's another reason for you to come have a chat)


If you are someone who's in the dark corners of the spotlight, we can pull you to the center stage, fill the form below and tell us about your sparkling star quality today!
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