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This is a lot more than just a publishing blog, you know

About The Blog

We all have an opinion about practically anything and everything in this big fat world. We have amazing ideas that come to our heads while we’re sitting on our couch, we want to break the monotony by not becoming engineers or doctors, we dare to speak of taboos that couldn’t be named even in the olden times, we have innovative ideas that no one could ever think of in their wildest dreams. We also criticize politicians, the education system, that “society” that keeps telling us what to do and what not to do. There are things that are in the center stage today, but still in darkest corners of that limelight. Some of us feel that these wrongs must be righted. It is the youth alone which has the power to do so as they are the ones who have come into this dynamic world with fresh minds and new perspectives.

This blog is a platform to which you can open your mind to. We give you a steady place for all that you say.  It is a great way to create awareness as well, for in this modern world, staying updated can be one of the best ways of survival. Here, you can write about anything. Your first crush at school, your most embarrassing moments, how you admire Bernie, your philosophy on the idea of existence; anything that you want to keep in a strong shelf; you are welcome to write about it.

Project all your thoughts and opinions here, especially if you think they are stupid. Let your creativity flow. Set free the thinker in you today. All via The Red Megaphone.

Meet Parishka Gupta

Founder, Chief Editor

An amateur travel writer from Delhi, India, Parishka started The Red Megaphone in September 2019 with the desire to bring out the writer in each and everyone.

Parishka, a content writing intern at Travelxp, has been published in prominent places like Tripoto, Teen Ink and Dave's Travel Corner. Writing since the age of 12, she made travel writing her forte. She enjoys attending Model United Nations conferences as a journalist and has won multiple awards. She also won the Sverdlovsk Regional Public Children's Organization 'Lotsman' (Russia) four times in a row.

Parishka has a distinctive writing style and is known for powerful use of imagery and other vivid desciptions.

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