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Welcome to The Red Megaphone


The Red Megaphone is a platform to which you can open your mind to. Project all your thoughts and opinions here, especially if you think they are stupid. Let your creativity flow. Set free the thinker in you today. All via The Red Megaphone.

Office Meeting
Office Meeting

Now hiring interns!

It's time you make them listen
Everything that you write has a place here. There's nothing you can't write about. No word limits. No theme. No genre.

It's just you, a word document, and your raw thoughts. 

The best part?

We like our submissions both ways; rough as well well-polished.
Here's how you can engage with us

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Get a detailed feedback on your writing from our experts

In the past two years, we helped 70+ confident teen writers weasel out of their shells
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Anyone can write
YOU can write
We just hand out constant reminders

From the Voices of TRM

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Monica Mills
Artist, Documentary Director

The Red Megaphone has a confident and friendly atmosphere that immediately put me to ease and made me feel like I was in the hands of competent professionals

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Gauri Pande
Content Curator for TRM

TRM provides writers the freedom of choosing what and how they want to write under a reasonable deadline, hence providing flexibility that ensures growth of creative flow which is suitable for writers wanting to be published.

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Kabir Singh Bedi
Content Curator for TRM

An organisation where your jurisdiction of work isn't the priority, but the quality of content is

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